On Angel's Wings

"There must be a wish you can't realise alone..."

Welcome your lovely face to On Angel's Wings, a small shrine and TAFL-approved fanlisting for CLAMP's Wish! Running from 1995 to 1998 in Mystery DX magazine, Wish tells the story of Kohaku, a clumsy, sweet angel from Heaven, and stoic and self-reliant doctor Kudou Shuuichirou. When Shuuichirou saves Kohaku from a crow, the little angel offers their thanks in the form of granting a wish for Shuuichirou...who insists he wants for nothing! But Kohaku isn't deterred, and is duty-bound to help the doctor somehow. Wish is a romantic slice of shoujo fantasy that features CLAMP's signature tropes of toying with the concept of gender and the consequences of choices, and is highly enjoyable. If you are a fan of this adorable series, please add your name to the list!

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